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    고등학교 졸업 퍼레이드 / Student Graduation Parades 2019

    Picture: Helsinki city 고등학교 졸업생들의 퍼레이드(핀어: Penkinpainajaisajot)가 오늘 헬싱키 센터 주위 오후 1시에 있을 예정입니다. Helsinki's graduating students celebrate their last day at school by parading through the city on the bac...
    Date2019.02.14 Category행사 By자작나무 Views281 Votes0
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  2. 핀란드 기타리스트 니클라스윈터 & 한국 기타리스트 박상연 듀오공연

    안녕하세요 핀란드 한인여러분 핀란드의 기타거장 니클라스윈터의 초청으로 한국에서 기타리스트 박상연씨와의 핀란드 투어가 진행중입니다. 오늘 헬싱키 공연에 많은 한인분들 뵙게 되면 좋겠어요! Tulevan viikon duo keikat. Korealainen Sangyeon Park ens...
    Date2019.01.31 Category행사 ByYunmikang Views270 Votes1
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  3. Helsinki Sauna Day / 2017.03.11

    Helsinki Sauna Day Helsinki Sauna Day opens the doors to private saunas for everyone to enjoy in October. Helsinki is full of saunas that are often empty and seldom seen by most. This will change when Helsinki Sauna Day will open the doors ...
    Date2017.02.28 Category행사 By자작나무 Views484 Votes0
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  4. 2016 크리스마스 마켓 12월17일~23일

    Christmas Market at Old Student House is a traditional Christmas Market with an updated spin. Embrace the Christmas spirit and share the experience and community. The market offers two full floors of high-quality Finnish handicrafts, create...
    Date2016.12.18 Category행사 By자작나무 Views357 Votes0
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  5. Valokarnevaali (불빛축제) 2016.10.8~22

    The Carnival of Lights at Linnanmäki illuminates Helsinki’s legendary amusement park on the closing week of the summer-long season. Visitors are entertained throughout the carnival by quality entertainment for older and younger a...
    Date2016.10.07 Category행사 By자작나무 Views366 Votes1
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  6. OpenHouseHelsinki 2016 9월9일~11일

    헬싱키 및 근교의 다양한 건물들의 실내를 구경할 수 있는 Open House Helsinki 2016이 9월 9일 금요일부터 11일 일요일까지 개최합니다. 전문가들의 무료 안내를 받으며 똘로(Töölö) 지역의 다양한 건물, 1880년도에 지어진 Grundskolan Nors...
    Date2016.09.07 Category행사 By자작나무 Views414 Votes0
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  7. Helsinki Design Week 2016 9월1일~11일까지

    Helsinki Design Week 2016 Helsinki Design Week is the biggest design event in Northern Europe. This international festival offers a city-wide meeting place and discussion forum for design professionals and enthusiasts alike. The programme in...
    Date2016.09.07 Category행사 By자작나무 Views357 Votes0
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  8. Jazz-Espa / 2016 2016년 7월 25일~8월 6일

    The Finnish Jazz Federation welcomes you to enjoy the annual Jazz-Espa concert series at the Espa outdoor stage, in the heart of Helsinki. Venue Espa Stage Additional information http://www.jazzespa.fi/en
    Date2016.08.01 Category행사 By자작나무 Views1187 Votes0
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  9. '헬싱키의 날' / 6월 12일 일요일 하루 종일

    언제나 산뜻한 여름의 시작은 '헬싱키의 날'와 함께 시작하는 것 같습니다. 올해는 더욱 풍성한 '헬싱키의 날' 행사가 준비되어 있는데요 각종 공연 및 무료 수영장, 낚시대회 등등 하루 종일 프로그램만 쫓아다녀도 다 경험하기가 힘들 것 ...
    Date2016.06.09 Category행사 By자작나무 Views417 Votes0
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  10. Lovely Helsinki City Festival 2016.05.19-22

    Held for the first time in 2012, Lovely Helsinki is a celebration of spring, the coming summer and Helsinki that invites residents and visitors to enjoy the city at its best. In 2015 the city festival will once again spruce up the city cent...
    Date2016.05.02 Category행사 By자작나무 Views467 Votes0
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  11. 헬싱키 커피 페스티발 2016 4.22-24

    커피를 사랑하시나요? 그러면 제 1 회 헬싱키 커피 페스티발이 놀러오세요! 핀란드 사람들의 커피 사랑은 한때 국민 1인당 소비량이 전 세계 최고였을 정도로 많이 마십니다. 여전히 커피는 핀란드 최고의 음료이며, 커피와 함께 핀란드 빵 '뿔라(Pulla)&...
    Date2016.04.15 Category행사 By자작나무 Views520 Votes0
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  12. Streat Helsinki 2016 3월17일~20일

    Streat Helsinki takes to the streets again in March promoting diversity in food culture. It celebrates street food and its makers as part of the city's food culture, part of its business life and part of its lively atmosphere. Introduce...
    Date2016.03.17 Category행사 By자작나무 Views515 Votes0
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  13. Helsinki Sauna Day 2016 / 2016.3.12

    New event Helsinki Sauna Day opens the doors to private saunas for everyone to enjoy on 12 March 2016. Helsinki is full of saunas that are often empty and seldom seen by most. This will change when the first ever Helsinki Sauna Day will ope...
    Date2016.02.18 Category행사 By자작나무 Views471 Votes0
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  14. Restaurant Day 2016 2월 21일

    Held approximately once every three months, Restaurant Day represents urban culture at its best. Based on voluntary participation and own initiative, anyone can open a popup restaurant for the day. Popular places include parks, street corne...
    Date2016.02.09 Category행사 By자작나무 Views370 Votes0
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  15. Helsinki Documentary Film Festival 2016 1.25-31

    DocPoint -Helsinki Documentary Film Festival 2016 The DocPoint festival will present the best Finnish and international documentaries of the year. The programme will also include seminars, lectures, workshops and concerts.
    Date2016.01.15 Category행사 By자작나무 Views306 Votes0
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  16. Lux Helsinki 2016

    The Lux Helsinki light festival will be held for the eighth time this year. The artworks will be on display along a new route running from the Ateneum Art Museum to Annantalo, centering on the Esplanade Park, Bulevardi and Annankatu. What i...
    Date2016.01.05 Category행사 By자작나무 Views339 Votes0
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  17. 헬싱키 크리스마스 마켓 2015 / 12월4일~22일까지

    Helsinki Christmas Market 2015 The Christmas Market proudly presents new main restaurateurs, Helsinki favourites Kolmon3n and Soil Wine Room. The courts are lined with several smaller food stalls, welcoming you to indulge in delicacies. The...
    Date2015.12.04 Category행사 By자작나무 Views474 Votes0
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  18. 헬싱키 크리스마스 월드 2015 / 11월28일~12월23일, 12월27일~1월6일까지

    Helsingin Joulumaailma - Christmas World 2015 You will find the real Christmas spirit and all the Finnish gifts and crafts you could wish for. Plenty of hot drinks and food to keep warm and get a true taste and scent of Christmas. You can m...
    Date2015.12.04 Category행사 By자작나무 Views414 Votes0
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  19. 크리스마스 거리 오픈 행사 / 2015.11.22 오후2시

    Opening of Aleksanterinkatu Christmas Street 2015 The Christmas season traditionally begins in Helsinki with the opening of the Christmas Street, which takes place this year on Sunday 22 November. The opening ceremonies include the eagerly ...
    Date2015.11.10 Category행사 By자작나무 Views350 Votes0
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  20. 크리스마스 시즌 오프닝 행사 / 2015.11.21 오후4시

    The Grand Opening of the Christmas season in Rovaniemi. Santa Claus Village Sat 21.11.2015 at 16 The Grand Opening of the Christmas season in Rovaniemi in the Central plaza of the Santa Claus Village Let's open the Christmas season toge...
    Date2015.10.21 Category소개 By자작나무 Views372 Votes2
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